Hi..... so glad you made it. We are Drewbert and Jimmy Kay, 2 St. Louis musicians/composers spending our free time in the studio exploring our new musical ideas. Our compositions can be listened to online by clicking on the links below. These are 128kps MP3 files, download them if you like.....

If you'd like more information about our music or to order a CD ..... please contact us

(DK 3) (Current project.... material written 2003/2004)

Magi's Tale (mixed 7/25/2004)

Invent Yourself (mixed 8/6/2004)

Bring Your Love (mixed 8/6/2004)

If Mama Don't Want It (mixed 7/31/2004) Dial-up Connection speed

Never Get Enough of You (mixed 3/31/2004) Dial-up Connection speed

Love Shines So Bright (mixed 7/31/2004)

Out To Get Me (remixed 12/08/2003)

Oceans of Blue (remixed 12/07/2003)

LikeB4 (10/18/2003)


(DK 2) (2nd CD release.... material written 2001/2002)

Too Coo Fool

Take Me On With You

Pump The Feeling

Faith In Me

Glorious Day

Perfect World


Tuesday's Pain (9/11)


(DrewbertKay) (1st CD .... material written from 1997-2000)

Miss Underwood (1998)

You'll Come Back To Me (2000)

It's No Wonder (1998)

S.A. Play (2000)

Captive (2000)

Don't You Let That (Rainy Day) (1998)

Tenfold (2000)

Thunder (2000)

Alisha (1998)

Everything Is Wrong (1998)

Can I Kiss You (1997)

It Isn't So (1997)

Luckiest Man (in the world) (1997)

Only In Your Dreams (1997)